Interior: Enter into Comfort

  • Interior

    Rear Seats

    • A combination of Synthetic leather & fabric, highlighting the excellent detailing & workmanship
    • Rear lamps and USB ports are fitted within easy reach of all back seats
    • Rear armrests & assist grips are provided for passenger convenience
    • Reading lamps are provided for all rear seats

  • Interior

    Superior Entry and Exit

    The width of the sliding door's opening has been increased and a large door step with lamp installed, making entry and exit even more easier for occupants.

  • Interior

    Comfortable and Quiet Cabin

    With the semi-bonneted front-end design, the engine, which until now has been located beneath the front seats, has been shifted forward. This helps create a cabin space with enhanced quietness and comfort.

  • Interior

    Air Conditioning

    A high-performance manual air conditioner is installed, which enables control of the air conditioning for rear seat passengers from the AC controller on the instrument panel. Roof-mounted air vents are provided, helping create a comfortable space for all occupants.

  • Interior

    Supporting Business with Comfort

    Hiace values comfort and convenience at all times during business commuting

  • Interior

    Cockpit Design

    In designing the cockpit, we focused on an excellent field of view at the front as well as plentiful storage space. The cockpit is easy to use and gives the driver a feeling of confidence for sure and comfortable operations across a whole range of work scenarios.

  • Interior

    Storage Spaces

    1. Door pockets with space for A4 size files.
    2. Convenient console tray with removable partition.
    3. Overhead tray for neat storage of items for immediate access. (Long body only)
    4. Overhead console for storage of small items.

  • Interior

    Wide Front Door Step

    Front seat access is made easier by installing a wide front door step.

  • Interior

    Excellent Driving Visibility

    The anterior of the front side window has been lowered and a large quarter glass installed to help ensure excellent visibility. An auxiliary mirror has been added, enabling checking in the downward field of view.

  • Interior

    Seating Arrangement

Exterior: Enter into Exquisiteness

  • Exterior

    Storage Space

    The storage capacity can be maximized by flipping up the rearmost row seats

  • Exterior

    High Mount Stop Lamp

    An LED high-mount stop lamp is installed in the interior, realizing both easy recognition and fuel efficiency.

  • Exterior

    License Plate Lamps

    LED license plate lamps have been adopted, realizing both easy readability and fuel efficiency

  • Exterior

    Exterior Door Handle

    Vertical outside door handles are provided to enhance controllability

  • Exterior

    Head Lamp & Fog Lamp

    vertical 5-LED headlamps along with fog lamps are located in the bumper to give the advanced image an iconic expression.

  • Exterior


    16-inch High Quality Steel Wheels for stronger grip & reliability

  • Exterior

    Rear Combination Lamps

    Large sized Rear Combination Lamps with a bold Aerodynamic design for style & enhanced driving stability



Enter into Safety

Safety Technology Supporting World-Class Quality

Equipped with various technologies—from active safety, which dramatically enhances peace-of-mind, to passive safety that minimizes damage in the event of a collision. These technologies engender safety and security for both the driver and passengers.


Airbags are provided for the driver and front passengers.

Anti-Lock Brake System with Electronic Brake-Force Distribution

In addition to ABS, which helps prevent wheel lock-up during braking, the installation of EBD helps ensure optimal distribution of braking force to the left and right wheels.

Collision Safety Body

A semi-bonneted configuration is used for the front, to efficiently absorb impact energy in the event of a collision. This contributes to excellent crash safety.

Electro Chromic Rearview Mirror

In Electro Chromic Mirror mode, the mirror detects the amount of reflected light to enhance visibility. The back monitor is displayed within the inner mirror.